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To enthuse: from a law of participation to participating municipalities

Everyone that is able to work but needs support in it, falls under the law of participation since 1 January 2015. The law is set into place to make sure that as many people with or with a employment restriction find a job. Municipalities are responsible for the execution of this law. Isn’t is strange that so many municipalities execute this one law in their own way? Is a combined approach not more effective and efficient?

Those were the questions that consultany form Kokxdevoogd received in 2013 from 13 (large) municipalities. The quest and analysis to find a combined approach is finished now and an important result was that only 5% of the execution of this law is different, when municipalities are compared. So, there was enough ground for a shared virtual backoffice of information disposition, an automated system with forgoing ICT support that uses standard work processes for all municipalities, with room for local deviant solutions.

To summarize this information and make it easy to comprehend, we decided to take an example of a “standard work process” and translate that in the form of a storyboard so we could turn that into an animation movie. Therefore, we used a process of Design Thinking and Visual Thinking. Key elements are the correct transfer of information (how is the story told) and the size of the target group (in this case, board of the municipalities, directors, consultants of the municipalities of Holland). This also gave the opportunity to give an important introduction and ask the right questions.

In the meantime, this animation gets spread amongst all municipalities and a website is made to portray all the information regarding this new solution. Cooperation in the public domain can lead to a better and more efficient government! It was a pleasure working on this assignment and being part of this succes.

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