The 17 sustainable development goals of Paris, need be achieved together. Countries can do their own part, but can also share their resources to other less developed countries. Holland has

At the Innovation Expo at the Eye museum in Amsterdam, there were some interesting brainstorm sessions. As a drawer, I visualized this session in a form of live drawing or

How to go viral on LinkedIn…

How to go viral on LinkedIn… Creating good content is one thing, but spreading content and getting viewers of your content is the holy grail of online marketing. For a

Illustration Process to Employment Flevoland

In the provence Flevoland, a regional employment institute is developed to help employ people with an job handicap. An illustration was needed that could act as a communication tool for

The NGV is a dutch users association that helps improve the NedGraphics software. They organize group sessions to help customers with the software and learn from each other: Like

Illustration Organizational Structure for Firma de Groot

Firma de Groot is an organization for self-employed individuals that seek coherence and sparring partners. They are not perse looking for assignments, but more of a play- and learning environment

Illustration Customer Process for Saleskracht

For the Amsterdam based social media company Saleskracht a visualization was made showing all the steps of the customer process from acquisition up to the end result. Social media is

After several years of decay in IT systems, the municipality of Dronten decided that it was time to improve and update their systems. Therefore, a lot of changes and suppliers