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Illustration Process “Verkoop in Dialoog” for Fakton Consultancy

Fakton, Verkoop in Dialoog, verkoopproces, consultancy, bouw, praatplaat, den haag, spraakmakende verbeelding, illustratie, brainstorm

Fakton is a consultancy firm that helps companies in the process of selling real estate. Especially in larger (re)development cases in which a multi realization of living, working, recreation, etc. it can be difficult to sell the real estate for a high price. Even more when there is time pressure. Also when the municipality needs to change the development plan, something they are not always open to. Fakton has designed a process called Verkoop in Dialoog. This illustration shows the process of this method. Visual thinking and design thinking is used to translate this highly complex process and elements into a clear illustration ready for communication. Launched at the Provada event.


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