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How to go viral on LinkedIn…

How to go viral on LinkedIn…

Creating good content is one thing, but spreading content and getting viewers of your content is the holy grail of online marketing. For a lot of companies, LinkedIn is much more interesting than Facebook… And since I receive a lot of questions on the use of visual content online and I love to share this in my work, I went out on a search and will write more about this. For now; what is important to go viral? Beneath is a short overview.

1. Add images

This seems the most basic rule of online communication and sharing. People can process images 60,000 times faster than text. So, it seems logical that we are drawn to images and are searching for recognition in images. Everyone is curious, right?

2. Fit your visual content to your target audience

What triggers your target group? What is it that makes them look for recognition? Don’t you have a image that fits, find one online. It can be as simple as a picture with a quote. You can use for this if you don’t have photoshop ;). Not in the mood to search through stock photos? Have something made for you! Animations are always loved.

3. Use “crowdspeaking”

Sharing things by yourself will certainly help to get views. If you have a group of people that is willing to like and share what you are posting, this will instantly lead to more views and likes. On you can mobilize people to share your post or your companies’ post, by inviting them to cooperate on your campaign. The Dutch company “The Cure” does something similar for organizations and employees, by making it easier to share online content on a regular basis:

Extremely simple and effective!

4. Target people by posting in relevant groups

Do you want to influence people in a specific sector? Make sure you are in the right groups to reach them. In these groups you can post. If it is not pure marketing, but rather interesting and informative, people will respond to it.

5. Select and advertise projected to a specific target group

Don’t you know where your target group is holding up, but you do know their characteristics, in terms of age, job title, company, company size, region, etc.? Use LinkedIn advertising. By setting the right target group, you are able to target very precisely, with pay per click or per view. Target accurate and you can come a long way with a limited budget…

Know more tips? Feel free to share!

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