A 3-day event on Best Value Approach and Best Value Procurement. Live Drawing was used to capture all the info in a clear and attractive way. Like & Share:

The 17 sustainable development goals of Paris, need be achieved together. Countries can do their own part, but can also share their resources to other less developed countries. Holland has

Facilitating and Live Visualizing Session Vopak in the Future

For the SHE (sustainability en safety) day of Vopak at Europoort, together with Rob Jansen I have facilitated eight sessions with contractors and Vopak employees on the subject Vopak in thirty

Visual Notetaking Big Bang Disruption voor Shell

The future lions of Shell, a young organization within Shell that is focused on helping reshape the company, organized an afternoon on big bang disruption: “How not to become the

At the Innovation Expo at the Eye museum in Amsterdam, there were some interesting brainstorm sessions. As a drawer, I visualized this session in a form of live drawing or

Visual Notetaking Session for the Province of Zuid-Holland

During one of the serious game sessions that I supported visually for Inno-V and the province Zuid-Holland, I drew this illustration digitally on my wacom cintiq. Normally, I use paper,

The municipality of Dronten is constantly and actively evolving as an organization. Taking trends into account, developments in governance and societal demand, divergence and convergence is used to re-invent the

The province Zuid-Holland is collaborating with all stakeholders involved to co-create a better experience for people that take bus 197. This bus drives between Gouda and Schoonhoven and is one

Organized by Royal Sens, a brainstorm session was held with the subject Shopping of the Future. Entrepreneurs from different fields, related to shopping, supermarkets and products came together on this

Social Impact is an organization that, among others, helps municipalities with the coming decentralizations. The municipality of Dronten would like to include co-creation with citizens in their overall way of