Talanton is a Valuation Services company, that uses theories and science to establish valuation calculations. These are used for investors, lawyers, judges, entrepeneurs, institutional parties and the tax collectors office.

Illustration Organizational Structure for Firma de Groot

Firma de Groot is an organization for self-employed individuals that seek coherence and sparring partners. They are not perse looking for assignments, but more of a play- and learning environment

Illustration Customer Process for Saleskracht

For the Amsterdam based social media company Saleskracht a visualization was made showing all the steps of the customer process from acquisition up to the end result. Social media is

Illustration Partners in Innovation Research for AWTI

AWTI is an independent research organization that just finished the research on the subject “improved collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises and universities/academies. Currently, most of the collaboration between public

Prezi Presentation for Municipality Dronten

  For the combined presentation of two departments of the Municipality of Dronten, a prezi presentation underlayer has been visualized. The direct request was made by the board of Directors

Illustration Hatchery for Hybrid Turkeys Canada

For the Canadian client Hybrid Turkeys, I developed a range of drawings, which shows all the stakeholders and its information. It is similar to the idea of the drawings of

The world of ships is starting to move from a diesel propelled world towards more hybrid engine propulsions. Pon Power is focussing and developing these LNG-diesel-electrical engines, together with Caterpillar,

Consultancy firm InContext helps organizations to use human resources to their fullest and cherish the human element within the organization. One of the things they do is setting up leadership

Illustration of Vision on Decentralisations Municipalities for InterPactum

Procurement and organization consultancy InterPactum has defined its vision on municipalities and the approaching turn of the year. In 2015 a lot is going to change for the municipalities, who

Infographic for Abel Delft

The mission of Abel is to introduce products and services which help people to move themselves and their goods, in a faster, cheaper, more comfortable, safer or cleaner way. Abel