The strategy of Conservator Group BV is visualized in this illustration. Conservator is around for over 75 years and has kept on developing ever since. This roadmap shows the

This infographic was made for HTM for their internal communication. HTM uses a lot of visualizations to effectively communicatie through screens with bus and tram drivers. This illustration is for

Opdracht Om de uitkomsten van het onderzoek helder te kunnen communiceren, is ervoor gekozen deze samen te vatten in een praatplaat. Het RSZK is een samenwerking van verschillende zorgcentra en

Illustration Heliox Core Values

  Heliox needed an illustration that translates the Heliox Core Values to recognizable images for its employees. A vision, mission or text on core values can be very broad and

Stevin is helping to increase the speed of the transition towards Zero Emission Public Transport, in this case Bus transport. This illustration shows the outcome of a Pressure Cooker session

The municipality of Schiedam collaborates with HIC Rotterdam for the development of the Schiedam harbours. Years ago a 2D ambition map was made, to include the new plans for the

DIO and the Bartender competition have worked on a new idea for an app, the provide input for the best tapped beer. This illustration, made in a process of design

  Hutspot, een consultancy firm based in the Hague, works on the revision of the MBO in the Netherlands. On the 13th of October there will be a conference on

The KPMG department Enterprise Resource Planning has asked to visually map the steps of the process towards ERP implementation. This illustration is also printed on textile with a size of

The Dutch Youth Healthcare environment is changing from an institution focused, to a more flexible, person oriented environment. Within this environment, family, friends and the rest of the person’s surrounding