How to go viral on LinkedIn…

How to go viral on LinkedIn… Creating good content is one thing, but spreading content and getting viewers of your content is the holy grail of online marketing. For a

The use of Visuals: 4 ways to communicate visually

  That a simpel flowchart is often not clear and certainly does not stick, is common sense! So you try to make a visual translation into an infographic or illustration

5 steps for continuous use of your visual content

  Communication is essential to create change. And whatever the purpose, visual communication often plays a large role in this change. However, the use of visual content is just as

The Power of Metaphors

Some see metaphors as a poetic and rhetoric imagination, a form a extraordinary language. Metaphors are often seen as characteristic for language, more than in thoughts or deeds. Metaphors are

Complexity in a nutshell…

There is a lot of knowledge! Surely within companies I see a lot of specialists, with so much knowledge that they have become incapable to explain something short and briefly:

Detail or no detail?

  Firm de Groot is a large organization- and communication consultancy firm, existing of self-employed individuals. that are all different and have their own business. A lot of them do

How to give a killer presentation?

“WOW…” is always a great first reaction to get at the beginning of a presentation. Make sure you instantly capture the attention of your receiver. Then what? The curiosity is

How do you choose your means of communication?

Seldom the direct question is: ‘which form of communication is the right solution for my communication problem?”. No, more often a direct request for a storyboard, illustration, powerpoint, prezi or

To enthuse: from a law of participation to participating municipalities

Everyone that is able to work but needs support in it, falls under the law of participation since 1 January 2015. The law is set into place to make sure

Get your story out there! Share it!

  Be proud of your story. That is something that every self-respecting organization should be… But there are still enough companies or organizations that can add value, but do not