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We want to bring people together and increase collaboration by increasing mutual understanding and will-power, through visual communication. Visual Communication is the use of explanatory drawings/movies to transfer (the essence of) a vision, strategy, process or message and more. Text alone does often not provide a “shared mental model”, since 83% of human learning occurs visually.

Also, people are capable of processing visuals 60,000 times faster than text. They are aware that presentations should be visual in order to engage people and communicate clearly, although reports and documents are still highly verbal. Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% more persuasive than unaided presentations. So lets bring people together and work effectively!


How I could serve your business


Do you want to gain experience in visual storytelling? Workshops are ideal for visual enthusiasts who think or would like to think visual, but lack the knowledge and skills to put your ideas on paper. We provide workshops in visual thinking and business modelling, using e.g. the value proposition and business model canvas to map your next strategy. Time to excel and spread your ideas!

Live Visual Notetaking

During brainstorm sessions, meetings, events or workshops, visual notetaking is used to capture the essence of visions, (new) ideas, opinions or even feelings, in a recognizable visual way. It creates a communication tool on the spot. Teams and individuals can use these drawings to present their vision to others and clarify complexity in order to create easy understanding and emphasis. This can be done both on paper as digitally!


Design Thinking is used for complex communication issues, in order to translate the subject in such a way, that it can be presented in a clear, to the point and understandable way. An image can tell a thousand words. In the process of breaking down the communication issue and translating the information visually, you allow for recognition and overview, which is essential for comprehension.


The choice for an illustration or animation is often based on its use (are you presenting or must it be presented), the time available for presenting, the complexity of the message and the size of your target group. Animations have the possibility to build up the message in an accessible way, combined with the carefully and concise chosen words of the voice-over, allowing for the perfect brief visual representation for larger audiences.

The best works

A selection of the portfolio

The best works

A selection of the portfolio

The Process

Find out how we work and co-create visualizations together with our clients.
The following 3 steps are used iteratively to achieve the best results:

1. Diverge

In this first sessions we find out what you want to communicatie, why you want/need to communicatie, to whom, etc. A lot of questions are asked to create a complete understanding of the communication problem and its context. Often, asking the right questions can help reformulate the right problem description. Along the way, drawings and notes are used to capture all the information. By drawing and communicating, a process of co-creation and building on each others ideas is started. The best creative process is done together!

2. Converge

We understand that you are busy and don’t have the time to be involved in every second of the development. And you don’t need to! During the intake a lot of information is put on the table. This information needs to be processed. After analyzing and structuring the information and the connections to all its (sub) elements, the design thinking process is further used to translate the information into visuals. If needed, synchronization with the client is used to keep the process effective.

3. Mirror

During and after the process of development, mirroring is an extremely important aspect. Mirroring is used to “mirror” the information that is received; i.e. the information is presented to the client using the developed drawings. This way you can experience if the communication works, is correct and how we can further optimize it.  This often sheds new light, since it creates a helicopter view over the available information. The amount of sessions is based on the amount of information and its complexity.


Animations are perfect for larger audiences and work very well online


Client’s evaluation and support assist in further improvement of achieving the best result

Jeroen is a highly purposeful professional who can translate the organizations’ problem into the desired visual in a excellent way.



– Nazima Ramdin

Communication advisor at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Engie, Cofely, GDF Suez, Erik Groen

At Engie, we work with Jeroen to translate complex messages to clients and employees into effective communication tools. Jeroen is capable of quickly grasping the essence and translate into visuals.


– Erik Groen

Business Developer at ENGIE

“Jeroen is capable of capturing and expressing the essence of a message in a concise and creative manner. Jeroen has done a great job!”



– Floris Vlasveld

Director at Inspire

Engie logo

Latest Work

The latest projects and blog posts

  The strategy of Conservator Group BV is visualized in this illustration. Conservator is around for over 75 years and has kept on developing ever since. This roadmap shows the


 “Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% MORE PERSUASIVE than unaided presentations”

3M Research

 “Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% MORE PERSUASIVE than unaided presentations”


This infographic was made for HTM for their internal communication. HTM uses a lot of visualizations to effectively communicatie through screens with bus and tram drivers. This illustration is for


A 3-day event on Best Value Approach and Best Value Procurement. Live Drawing was used to capture all the info in a clear and attractive way.


Opdracht Om de uitkomsten van het onderzoek helder te kunnen communiceren, is ervoor gekozen deze samen te vatten in een praatplaat. Het RSZK is een samenwerking van verschillende zorgcentra en


Assignment Hypoport offers IT solutions and consultancy in the world of Fintech. It structured finance expertise helps lenders organize borrower data and present standardized information since 2002. This video gives

Illustration Heliox Core Values

  Heliox needed an illustration that translates the Heliox Core Values to recognizable images for its employees. A vision, mission or text on core values can be very broad and


The University Medical Centre of Groningen, Centrum for Rehabilitation is always moving and improving. This animation shows the vision on the patient journey of example Kees and is used to


About Jeroen

Education, Experience & Network

Jeroen finished a master Integrated Product Design at the faculty Industrial Design Engineering of the Technical University in Delft in 2013. During his time as part-time freelancer, industrial design student and intern, he learned to analyze problems and translate these into solutions. The pragmatic and analytic approach of Design Thinking is still used to solving problems and design solutions, although mostly focused on stories instead of products.

At the moment, Jeroen has grown from a single individual to a network of freelancers, wherein Jeroen chooses the right persons to work with for each specific assignments. Jeroen believes that communication should be more attractive, fun and easier accessible.

He believes in working flexible, personal and effective with clients to find the perfect solution for each communication matter.


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