5 steps for continuous use of your visual content



Communication is essential to create change. And whatever the purpose, visual communication often plays a large role in this change. However, the use of visual content is just as importance as the effectivity of the content itself. Therefore, in a 5 simple steps: “how can you improve the continuous use of your content?”

“What are the steps towards continuous change”

1. Make use of ambassadors

Within an organization, certain persons take responsibility to help creating communication content. Thats the first step. Second, people need to want to use this content. Select the right people that are proud to tell the story and that can enthuse others. These can also be influencers.

2. Create ownership

By involving your ambassadors in an early stage of content developing, you make sure that the content fits the people that are using it, not only the communication department or design agency. Co-creation is important in this. If people are enthusiastic of what they have developed, they will go and show the world.

3. Recognition is essential

The story you tell or the illustration you use can flashy and all, but if people don’t recognize themselves they will not commit to change. The discomfort that a change brings, will lead to resistance. Empathy plays a big role here!

4. Keep it short (3-30-300 rule)

The concentration and focus of people is limited. Make sure your message is not too long has a celar storylight. For a complex illustration we apply the “3-30-300 rule”. In three seconds the overall composition needs to be recognizable, in thirty seconds the headlines need to be communicated and in 300 seconds the complete message and its elements need to be transferred. Is this not possible, than you have made the illustration too complex. Keep it lean and mean.

5. Keep repeating

Within the current information society we are overrun by information. Don’t be afraid to repeat your story. Just like an advertisement on television needs time to land and get in your hand, you will probably need some attention means of convincing yourself.

Have more tips to supplement this shortlist? Let me know!

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