The KPMG department Enterprise Resource Planning has asked to visually map the steps of the process towards ERP implementation. This illustration is also printed on textile with a size of

The Dutch Youth Healthcare environment is changing from an institution focused, to a more flexible, person oriented environment. Within this environment, family, friends and the rest of the person’s surrounding

Illustration “a Job for Everyone” for Province Flevoland

The municipalities of Flevoland, Almere, Dronten, Lelystad, Noordoostpolder, Urk and organisations UWV, VNO-NCW, FNV and CNV work together to realize more jobs for people with an employment handicap. They do

Illustration Process “Verkoop in Dialoog” for Fakton Consultancy

Fakton is a consultancy firm that helps companies in the process of selling real estate. Especially in larger (re)development cases in which a multi realization of living, working, recreation, etc.

Storytelling Illustration Results Redevelopment Bus 197 for Provincie Zuid-Holland

The provence of South Holland has finished a project with Inno-V for the redevelopment of busline 197 between Gouda and Schoonhoven. In this project, in which serious gaming was the

Illustration Space Ship Environment

Space metaphor used to explain a certain journey. Planets and moons are used to plot elements

Illustration Tender Rijkswaterstaat for Conclusion

  Conclusion reached out to visualize the combination of two processes for a tender for Rijkswaterstaat. The illustration needed to help explain how they work and what this combination of

Illustration Process to Employment Flevoland

In the provence Flevoland, a regional employment institute is developed to help employ people with an job handicap. An illustration was needed that could act as a communication tool for

Illustration Proposition Transformation for Essent

  Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands. Essent (including its predecessors) has over 90 years experience of generating, trading, transmitting and supplying electricity. Over the past 1,5

Illustration Sports Betting Integrity for ESSA

  ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity) is widely recognised to have contributed to the licensed betting sector’s continuing success in deterring betting related match-fixing within its markets. ESSA  gathers detailed intelligence on