The municipality of Bunnik is a lovely region to live in. The region is continuously in development, close to Utrecht and the science park. The region is growing rapidly, which

Nedgraphics has launched a new products that brings two worlds together of professionals that can now talk in the same language. In the process of assignent, design, build, measure, process

Animation for the municipality of Almere, in which the municipality shows to its employees what the plans for the coming year are!

Cybercrime costs entrepreneurs more than 8 billion euro every year. Despite this fact, almost no one is really insured for it. This was a big reason for van Lanschot Chabot

The NGV is a dutch users association that helps improve the NedGraphics software. They organize group sessions to help customers with the software and learn from each other:

Cofely just launched a new division which is called IFM (Intelligent Facility Management). This area of Integrated Facility Management focuses on an integration of smart automation and facility management in

This explanimation movie shows which tools are available for responsible gaming. The stigma of “the troubeled player” is avoided by a more playful style of visualizing. This animation is developed

Starting point of this range of animations was the slogan “Expect More” that appeared to abstract to Hypor’s customers. This explanimation goes more deeply into the subject innovation as it

This animation movie was made to explain how municipalities can work together on the decentralized execution of certain laws. Combining the implementation of the participation law for municipalities can heavily

After several years of decay in IT systems, the municipality of Dronten decided that it was time to improve and update their systems. Therefore, a lot of changes and suppliers